Hieronder is die "Terms and Conditions"

TERMS & CONDITIONS The treasure hunt starts on 29 May 2021, 08:00. Entries closes on 28 May 2021 23:59 On 29 May, all registrations will receive a clue at the gathering point. Communications will be held via a WhatsApp group created specifically for the treasure hunt. All relevant information and updates will be sent through the group. Only the administrator will be allowed to send messages, to prevent message flooding. Once the clue is received, the hunt is on and you are free to go to and search for it. Each clue will lead to the next The clues will be hidden at specific sites in Mossel Bay area. All clues will be hidden in safe areas where there is no danger of harm. Clues will, once found, give 1 piece of the puzzle to determine the location of the chest containing the grand prize. These you will have to interpret and use to solve the the mystery of the treasure hunt. All clues has to be found in order for you to find the hidden chest. When the chest is found, there will be instructions you have to follow in order to claim a prize. Cost of registration is R550 per registration. Each registration can have a maximum of 4 persons. That means 1-4 people per registration. Tickets are non-refundable Upon registration, teams will have to submit a team name, cell phone number of person receiving the clues, as well as a picture of each member. Once a clue is found, the team has to take a selfie of themselves (all team members must be in the photo). These photos must only be sent to the organizer IF requested. This is a form of control to determine if the whole team was at the site. If a team has not sent their selfies, clue visible, at each clue/site to the organizer, they will not be eligible for the prize. clues are not to be removed by anyone except the organizers. If it comes out that a team removed a clue, they will be automatically disqualified from winning a prize Any form of sabotage that will put any other team at a disadvantage, will result in disqualification of that team. Direct family of sponsors are allowed to participate in the event, but they will not be eligible for the grand prize the organizer, nor the sponsors, will not and cannot be held responsible for any damages to property, injuries or loss of property while participating in the event. Participants are responsible for their own safety The proceeds of the treasure hunt will be divided. 66.6% will go towards the Biesiemandjie Bussie project, and 33.3% towards the organizer for costs.